Data Center

In the era of big data and smart computing, data centers are a major part of the digital infrastructure of the new infrastructure plan. The General-Purpose computing power and AI computing power that data centers carry are the core driver for national and social development. The full range of products of MetaX provide data centers with comprehensive accelerated computing power, such as AI, and rendering, and provide data center customers with a one-stop solution from development to deployment with the support of our self-owned MXMACA software ecosystem.

A GPU can be divided into multiple instances. Each instance can perform computing tasks independently. Data center administrators can configure each instance flexibly to optimize the utilization efficiency of computing resources in data center.

GPU virtualization technology is fully compatible with the virtual machine operating environments in data centers, such as the scenario that the resources of a single GPU are allocated to multiple virtual machines and the scenario that multiple GPUs drive a single virtual machine. The GPU virtualization technology can meet various requirements of resource utilization and high-intensity computing load for data centers.

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